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    Visitor Management System

    Introducing CleverTime’s innovative Visitor Management System, a revolutionary solution that redefines the way businesses manage guest interactions.

    visitor management system

    CleverTime's Visitor Management System

    In a time where security and efficiency are paramount, our system is designed to streamline the visitor sign-in process, replacing outdated visitor sign-in sheets with a sophisticated digital platform. With advanced visitor tracking capabilities and comprehensive visitor reporting features, CleverTime’s Visitor Management System ensures a seamless and secure experience for both guests and hosts, setting a new standard in modern visitor management. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper records and embrace the future of visitor sign-in with CleverTime.

    Visitor Management System clevertime

    CleverKiosk – Clock In on Tablets

    Employees, visitors, contractors, or delivery workers can clock in and out via tablets with CleverKiosk. An easy-to-follow on-screen list makes it simple for individuals to record their entries and exit.

    CleverKiosk – Time Clock System on Tablets​

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    CleverGo Kiosk - Visitor Tracking
    Health and Safety Management

    Easy and Simple Sign In

    Visitors easily sign in with their details on Kiosk. 

    BENEFITS: Save manual sign in/out time.

    Instant Notification

    Hosts are instantly notified of visitor arrivals via TXT or email.

    BENEFITS: More efficient time management and productivity. 

    Site Visibility and Tracking

    Total visibility and tracking record of who has been on your premises.

    BENEFITS: More efficient time management and overall site management.

    Site information, Health and Safety Acknowledgement

    Visitors acknowledge any induction and H&S policies for their stay.

    BENEFITS: Provides safety guidance and better visiting experience.

    Confirmation with Easy Steps

    Intuitive interface with sign-in confirmation and automated notifications.

    BENEFITS: Efficient generation of easy-to-understand acknowledgments and confirmations

    Visit reporting and tracking

    System tracks and generates reports for management.

    BENEFITS: Improves emergency and audits management.

    Site evacuation​

    Simple steps to guide the evacuation process, includes checking people on site and send reports to management.

    BENEFITS: Provides ease of mind for emergency handling.

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