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    CleverTime delivers time clocking system designed to help your people succeed with their time.

    Using CleverTime is
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    Use the powerful but easy core time and attendance functions on CleverTime

    Add Advanced Rostering or Job Costing to your CleverTime

    Access CleverTime on mobile devices via CleverGo, or tablets via Clever Kiosk

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    Time Clocking System

    Choose how your employees clock in based on their work environment. CleverTime’s online employee timesheets can be accessed on mobile devices via our CleverGo app, and on tablets via CleverKiosk, these can include biometric timeclocks. Staff attendance and employee attendance tracking are automatically synchronized with CleverTime.

    CleverGo – Clock In on Smart Phones

    Employees on the go can clock in and out, and log jobs, via their smartphones with our CleverGo app.

    CleverKiosk – Clock In on Tablets

    Employees, visitors, contractors, or delivery workers can clock in and out via tablets with CleverKiosk. An easy-to-follow on-screen list makes it simple for individuals to record their entries and exit.

    Biometric Time Clocks

    Capture your employee’s attendance using biometric technology, such as facial, palm, or fingerprint recognition. We offer time clocks using various types of biometric time clocks to suit your needs.

    Core CleverTime Features

    Cloud-based software

    CleverTime is an online cloud-based software. The time clock you choose automatically sends data to secure cloud storage. For you, there is no local downloading, or access from any computers.

    Customised solution

    We customize CleverTime to what your organization needs. No two companies are the same, and we understand that. Employee work hours are tracked and calculated based on your company’s pay rules. For you, that means no more additional manual adjustments in employees’ working hours.

    Easy to use

    CleverTime is easy to use and set up for employees. Employees simply enrol, scan using bio-metric features, and they’re done!

    Employee self service

    CleverTime has employee self-service features. Employees can view real-time punch-in and out records, shift schedules, leave and approvals. Leave requests can also be made. For you, this can free up administrative HR time. For your employees, it can help give a sense of autonomy.

    Ease the administration

    The Supervisor mode in CleverTime makes administration easy. Supervisors can approve exceptions, leave, and schedule with a click of a button, easing the administrative burden.

    Report and export

    CleverTime collates timesheet data ready for report and export. Choose from 15 types of reports or have us customize and format reports for you. Reports can be sent automatically at your chosen frequency to designated personnel. Report data is easily integrated with various payrolls, invoicing, and ERP/BI applications.

    Time Clocking System - Job Costing

    CleverTime’s Job Costing tracks the cost of labour against a job, project, or client, or you can drill down to departments or positions within your company. CleverTime effectively and accurately calculates hours to make it easy for billing, budgeting, and other business applications.

    Multi-level jobs/tasks

    CleverTime can process up to three levels of jobs/tasks/activities to allow for detailed time tracking


    CleverTime reports can be generated by time period, jobs, and employee.

    Export for invoicing

    CleverTime can export job data for invoicing to integrate into your other business applications, or in PDF report format.

    Time Clocking System - Advanced Rostering

    CleverTime’s Advanced Rostering is simple to use to help you manage complex work rostering. Shift schedules are easily built based on your defined rules.

    Complex Roster

    CleverTime’s Roster module helps you schedule the most complex roster. You can plan for multiple shifts across departments and positions with ease.

    Time Saver

    CleverTime is time-saving! You build your roster by dragging and dropping into time slots or shifts into your prebuilt templates. These can rotate with minimum changes.


    CleverTime is smart! You will get warnings or notifications of any duplicates or overlaps to help you minimise human error.


    CleverTime communicates with employees. You can complete rosters for selected time periods directly to your employee’s email, and/or print out paper copies.

    Rostering and scheduling is linked to employees’ timesheets and clocking times.

    Exceptions reporting on variances from scheduled shifts includes lateness, leaving shifts early, missing punches or clock-ins, and overtime. Exception reports can be viewed in the software and printed.

    Exceptions can be amended by managers if changes are needed.

    The ability to override limits and make manual adjustments to timesheets can be made by an authorised person only. Any changes are recorded for auditing purposes.


    CleverGo is our mobile app for CleverTime users on the go. Built to suit different business scenarios, employees can clock in and out, log a job, or request leave while they are out and about. It’s easy and moves with you wherever you go.

    View timesheets and request leave.

    Easy job-logging and additional note recording ability.

    Geo-fenced technology that is location aware. Multiple sites/locations can be assigned to individuals.

    Rural or large areas are supported by a Google map for accuracy.

    Download CleverGo


    CleverKiosk is our CleverTime software for tablets. Designed to make it easy for individuals to clock in and out whether employees, visitors, contractors, or delivery workers.

    Record In & Out
    Easy on-screen list for employees or visitors to select from as they log in and out or arrive and depart from your site.
    Visitor Management
    Step-by-step instruction screens for onsite visitors to register their details, and notify the person they are visiting on arrival.
    Health & Safety
    Health and Safety content customised to your site is shown to visitors when registering. Real-time on-site dashboards are displayed for emergencies.
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