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    CleverTime is highly customizable so you can collect and categorize data from employee timesheets the way you want for easy integration into other systems. You get quality and accurate staff attendance data for integrating with your payroll, invoicing, accounting, HR and ERP/BI systems. Our payroll attendance software gives you more control and power to make clever business decisions.

    Payroll Attendance Software

    Payroll Integrations

    Integrating CleverTime’s software with other major payroll and accounting systems brings a multitude of benefits for businesses seeking streamlined and efficient payroll management. The seamless integration between CleverTime and these systems enhances accuracy, saves time, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Accounting Integrations

    One significant advantage of integration is the elimination of manual data entry and the associated risk of human error. With CleverTime’s integration capabilities, employee attendance data, including hours worked, overtime, and time-off requests, can be seamlessly synchronized with the payroll and accounting systems. This automation eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, minimizing the chances of mistakes and ensuring accurate payroll calculations.

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    Other Integrations

    The integration enables accurate data exchange, which translates into time savings and increased efficiency. Rather than manually transferring data between systems, the integrated solution enables automatic updates. This not only saves countless hours of administrative work but also provides up-to-date information for payroll processing. Any changes in employee attendance, such as time-off requests or shift modifications, are immediately reflected in the integrated systems, ensuring that payroll calculations are always based on the latest data.

    And More Payroll Attendance Software Integrations

    Integrating CleverTime with major payroll and accounting systems ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. By syncing employee attendance data seamlessly, businesses can accurately track and record hours worked, overtime, and leave, making it easier to comply with labor laws and regulations. This integration minimizes the risk of non-compliance penalties and audits, providing peace of mind for business owners and HR departments.

    Additionally, the integration allows for comprehensive reporting and analysis. By merging data from CleverTime with payroll and accounting systems, businesses gain deeper insights into labor costs, employee productivity, and trends in attendance patterns. This valuable data empowers businesses to make informed decisions regarding workforce management, resource allocation, and budgeting.

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