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    CleverGo Kiosk – Visitor Management with H&S


    CleverGo Kiosk offers an easy method for companies to have an electronic front desk effortlessly, some of the benefits are:

    1. Accuracy

    Visitor information is recorded more uniformly and correctly as the data will be entered in the same accurate way for every visitor.

    2. Real-Time Reporting

    Cloud-based report meaning you can generate the report anywhere for security investigations, audit billings of vendors and contractors, and also in the case of an evacuation.

    3. Get Notified on guest arrival

    Quick and efficient, it doesn’t matter if you are in a meeting or on the phone, you will always know when your visitor has arrived and where they are by receiving an instant SMS and email.

    4. Health & Safety regulation / policy

    A digital visitor management system is able to load with any digital material such as dynamic evacuation maps, safety guide videos, etc. Making sure H&S compliance.

    5. Evacuation management

    In the event of an emergency, our cloud-based technology means you can grab and go, pick up your device and use it as a portable roll call and a real-time record keeper as you are able to see who is on-site or in your building.

    6. Company employees.

    There is no problem keeping track of all staff movements as we can also fit in the staff time attendance system to the same package to save you the cost of hardware.

    For more info or if you would like to see a demo, please click here to contact us.

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